The great dane is also considered to be classy, sincere, strong and at the same time healthy breed. If a deeper look is given on the physical appearance of the dog they do portray a healthy stature. Right from the physical ability – they are way too strong and stiff. However, the immunity falls short because of their rapid growth graph. The bones and joints are a bit weak compared to the other breeds. However, a regular exercise is important for the breed to keep up the well-maintained body and prevent them from being lethargic.


The great dane has huge body hence needs a lot of energy for its physical exercise. However, the metabolism in this breed is quite slower because of which the energy intruded in them is controllable and are not destructive. As a result of slow metabolism, their food habits are different. They do not have a huge appetite as the gastric emptying in case of the great dane takes a lot of time. Therefore the energy released as a result of the biological processes is a time-consuming process. Therefore it takes time to regain its energy after meals. However, it is advised to give rest of 40 minutes before practicing of any sort of exercise. the dog is meant to undergo exercise session on a regular interval but the intensity is lesser comparative to others. Only because of the slow metabolic rate, they are prone to various gastrointestinal diseases. Keep them in the best large dog playpen to ensure they have plenty of room to sleep and move around.


Being giant dogs they have a common problem which does other gigantic dogs faces is bloating. Clinically called as gastric dilatation volvulus. They are very much prone to bloat because of their fairly slow rate o metabolism. Hence, exercise just after the meal leads to bloating ending up creating gastric disorder. Apart from these, they are also prone to hip dysplasia. This breed has a bend towards cardiac weaknesses. They have the tendency of dilated cardiomyopathy and various other myocardial diseases. All the above-mentioned disease are closely linked to their rate of metabolism. The breed may not be weak from there from the physical appearance but the biological condition does say something different. As a result of their increased risk of fatal diseases, they have a lifespan of about 6 to 8 years.

To conclude, the great dane is undoubtedly strong but at the same time has an increased risk of various disease. The rate of metabolism should always be kept in point if you are owning a great dane or wanting to. As because the metabolism will ultimately make your dog run or else may give a reverse gear if not properly take care of. The great dane do need a continuous look at the exercise as well. The breed needs to work so that it remains energetic as lethargy is not accepted. once it starts becoming lethargic it welcomes its diseased state which may be fatal.